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After an interview at the King of Diamonds I linked up with my old friend Q in Miami. He's been dodging me for a while and doing his thing so i had to remind him of my sweet ole' good pussy. After he let me smell his dick it looked so good i had to go in and suck it. Then he oiled me down and threw me down doggystyle just the way i like it. He was fucking my tight juicy pussy so hard he said it was too good so he slowed it down. Then he started throatfucking me outside in the miami sun and he left a shiny thick white load of cum all over me. Damn I love me sum big black dick!!!
While the rest of the city was letting off fireworks MD was letting off loads of cum all over me. I started my day with sum spanking and heavy deepthroating then i ended up swallowing cum.yummy.. After getting sum bud I came back to my crib and got pounded out hardcore and finished with a creampie that made my pussy real juicy... I cant wait 2 see sum more
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When I finally found sum batteries I found Mr.Fred and got to playing on my pussy. My cameraman then started fingering my pussy so hard and i couldnt take it. I gave Mr. Fred another chance and he had me squirting all over my phat sweet pussy. I got a good nut and that was just wat i needed.
Timmy came through to shoot and video with me and when he arrived he suprized me when he told me he was a virgin.He bussed out 2 thick nuts real quick before we even got to fuckin... He came all over my BOOBS MOUTH and FACE... Miss Smiles made him smile that day.
Me and Chyna the Doll went back at it again to see who can take the most dick. I tried to take as much dick from the dildo as i could but she beat me. After being SPANKED and Smacked MD left a big load of cum so deep in my pussy. I had to reach all the way inside to get it out. The cum did taste good
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Vid Category: Personal  Dick Size:  9 1/2 Inches
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Welcome to my world of big dick for me..Yes I am obsessed with dick, and whats wrong with that..Hit me up with any questions or suggestions ...Always ready willing and able to assist any big dick dudes out my jack off material..All videos are fully downloadable and very very hot..13.99 gets u exclusive access to exclusive material
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After hitting the sheets me and my friend Black decided to shower together. He said he loves to see a bitch swallow all of his dick. So i did and i made it real nasty. No parts of black's dick was off limits, Balls and Sucked him so good he came rite down my thoat. Idefinitly wasnt ready for that
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